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First Timers Tips

It is natural for guests visiting a bed and breakfast for the first time to have questions. Hopefully, many of your questions have been answered on the “Amenities” page. But recently, some of our recent guests have been “First Timers” and we have compiled a few of their most common questions.

What is the difference between a B&B and a hotel?

At the Catherine Ward House Inn, we feel like company is coming to visit. You should feel like your visiting a friend’s home. Yet, once you have checked in, it is up to you to decide how much time you want to interact with us and other guests. We have some guests that we only see at breakfast. We have other guests that we see several times during the day and get to know very well. We don’t impose. We let you decide.

What time is breakfast?

Breakfast is usually between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM. When we have a full house, we have to have two sittings for breakfast. We try to work it all out depending on tour schedules, checkouts, etc. We try to stay flexible for those one or two folks who have to get up very early or may sleep in.

How early can I get coffee?

Coffee is usually ready by 7:00 AM. If you need a coffee fix before then, we will show you which button to push on the coffee maker and where the cream and sugar are located.

When can I go into the kitchen and what can I use in the kitchen?

Our kitchen is very small and the Fire Marshall does not allow our guests to do any cooking. However, you can enter the kitchen at anytime. You can help yourself to glasses, ice from the freezer, and ice buckets to keep your wine cool.

What does my key lock and unlock?

All of the guestrooms have deadbolts that lock from inside the room. Your guestroom key opens your guestroom, the front doors, the kitchen door, the door to the courtyard, and the door to the lane in the back of the carriage house.

If I'd like to leave a gratuity for the Housekeeper, how should I do this, and what is an acceptable amount?

Leaving a gratuity is not required. However, doing so lets your Housekeeper know that you truly enjoyed your service, and appreciated her exceptional personal attention. It is acceptable to give the gratuity directly to your staff member, or leave it in the guestroom when you checkout.

Generally, guests will leave $5.00 for each night stayed as a gratuity.

What if I arrive in Savannah earlier than check-in time?

If you get to town before your guestroom is ready, you can come to the Inn. You can check-in, leave your luggage at the Inn, park your car, and get an early start on your Savannah touring.

What if I want to spend the day we are checking out continuing our tour of Savannah?

On your checkout day, if you have a late flight or if you just want to spend the day in Savannah before heading home, you can checkout of your room. We will take care of your luggage until you are ready to leave.

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